Committee Members

Treasurer/Project Manager
Admin/Project Manager
Keelan Roberts
Bruce Gardner
Juliet Dunn
Admin/Project Manager
Audrey Wallican-Green

Additional members (not pictured above)

Alvin Wright, Renee Bryant-Tippett, Julie Moore-Jackson, Yolanda Stephens-Moore
This Waterloo Homecoming Association (WHA) committee was formed in 2008 by Keelan Roberts (AZ) and Bruce Gardner, Sr. (TX). Our vision was for all current and former Waterloo, Iowans and their families to return “home” for a specific weekend, thus forming the Waterloo Homecoming. We would bring thousands of dollars of revenue to the city thus giving back to the city that provided us with support and encouragement. With the increase in violence, seemingly lack of concern for education, lack of respect for senior citizens, etc., we feel an obligation to reach out and re-connect with the community in an effort to give back to the city that gave to us. The young people are our future and we want to support initiatives that will provide opportunities, support and encouragement.


The mission of the Waterloo Homecoming Association (WHA) is to provide educational resources and guidance for the youth of Cedar Valley by awarding scholarships, supporting various educational initiatives, partnering with organizations with youth inspired visions and encouraging mentoring relationships to strengthen the youth of today.

In addition, we sponsor our main fundraising via a bi-annual event for all current and former Waterloo residents, their families, and friends that will not only allow us to obtain our mission but will bring revenue to the city, provide opportunities for professional networking and renewal or development of friendships, thus giving back to the city of Waterloo, IA.

Keelan Roberts, Owner/Operator of Roberts Plumbing (Phoenix, AZ) and President of WHA, in conjunction with Bruce Gardner (Dallas, TX) organized the Homecoming Committee in 2008. Keelan had a vision/dream of current and former Waterloo residents returning to the city to reconnect, connect, and network with family and friends. This venture would also give back to the city (revenue) that nurtured us to become successful professionals.

Keelan selected a committee and the 1st homecoming was held in August 2009. WHA quickly realized in addition to giving to back to the city, there is a need to give to the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

With hard work, collaboration and dedication, the WHA committee has turned this dream into a reality……effective October 2010, WHA became a (501c3) non-profit organization.


  • 1st bi-annual Homecoming in August.


  • (2) $500 educational scholarships awarded
  • $500.00 donated to the Waterloo Community Schools for uniforms and school supplies.


  • 2nd bi-annual Homecoming in August